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Please join us,  Saturday March 2nd & Sunday March 3rd, 2019, for the Leather & Lace Homecoming Dance, 5th annual traditional homecoming weekend in sunny Florida.

Furbabies welcome to enjoy dinner, dancing, and of course, the famous Dog Perignon champagne. Weekend features a pre judging and runway fashion show, music, and trophies, trophies, trophies. Theme dress allowed for furmoms/dads Black Only! Favorite theme party dress/gown and tux/suit for the furbabies. Benefiting Florida Yorkie Rescue. Registration/Cocktails, Pre Judging 4:00pm -6:00pm. 6:00 Ballroom opens, 6:30 Final Fashion Runway Show 7:30 3-Course dinner served, choice of Chicken or Salmon. Strollers suggested for dinner and brunch.

Competition Categories:

Homecoming Queen/King

Duke and Duchess


Little Prince/Little Princess

Best Dressed Furgirl/Best Dressed Furboy

Best Furgirl/Best Furboy Designer – 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for each category

Judging criteria follows standard G Girl competition rules to be posted on www.ggirlevents.com

The Saturday Yearbook Brunch will be at Sheraton Suites – Fort Lauderdale at Cypress Creek at 12:30 PM.

This is the fun competition of the weekend encouraging costumes and skits for the following winner categories: This year we ask you to add a little Leather & Lace to the categories.

Best Teacher’s Pet

Best Athlete

Best Cheerleader

Best Nerd

Best Gigolo

Best Class Flirt

Best band leader

Join the fabulous G Girl family for a weekend of fun and fundraising.

Competition Categories and Judging Criteria

The Leather & Lace Homecoming Dance on March 2nd will be individual pre judged from 4pm to 6pm followed by opening of ballroom and runway judging. 

The following categories will be judged and awarded by accumulated points:

  • Homecoming Queen/King
  • Duke and Duchess
  • Prince/Princess
  • Little Prince/Little Princess
  • Best Dressed Furgirl/Best Dressed Furboy
  • Best Furgirl/Best Furboy Designer – 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for each category

The following behavioral traits will be judged with some traits weighing more heavily in the various categories:

  • Overall first impression to include expression, poise, and grace
  • Overall personality
  • Star quality
  • Alertness
  • Friendliness
  • Comfort level when placed on the judging table
  • Reaction when being touched by judges
  • Ability to obey commands such as sit/stay/stand
  • Comfort level on the runway

Costumes will be judged by the follow criteria:

  1. General first impression
  2. Originality and uniqueness of design
  3. Theme appropriateness
  4. Fit and comfort
  5. Construction of the garment to include stitching, neatness, proper sewing techniques
  6. Finished edges, clipped threads, no exposed wiring or boning
  7. Use of lining where appropriate
  8. Sewn rather than glued embellishments (exception crystals)
  9. Use of ornament and embellishments to include beading, laces, appliques, crystals, embroidery, piping
  10. Coordination of fabric types, fabric colors, fabric patterns, trims and ornament
  11. Use of advanced sewing techniques

General comments:

  • Each category to be judged will consider the above criteria with weighting of points to vary depending on the category.
  • The highest honor of the evening will be the Homecoming Queen and King.
  • Points will be tallied and comments made on the judging sheet for each entry.
  • Behavior, personality, star quality, and costume excellence will be considered in each category (except best designer awards) to determine winners.
  • Best designer awards will be awarded on the costume judging criteria only.

The following items will not be considered in judging:

  • Whether the furbaby walks or is carried
  • Strollers, props of any kind
  • Past history of furbaby such as previous awards or rescue stories
  • Parent costumes
  • Any kind of tricks by the dog

As G Girl Productions has started expanding into venues around the country more and more people are asking “what is G Girl?” “How did this get started?” “Why is G Girl doing these events?” These questions along with “wow that’s really wild” and “who would have ever dreamed?” For anyone who really knows Laura Souza all of those questions and more are quickly answered and it all starts to make sense. Laura isn’t just a crazy doggy mama with a good heart. She has a background that would astound many. Most of her life she has been involved in “show business” and the performing arts having studied under the best in the business and performed around the country in musical theater and opera productions that would impress any aficionado of music and theater. Her educational background includes study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, at Herbert Berghof Studio in NY with Uta Hagen, Circle in the Square in NY, with Lee Strasberg at Lee Strasberg Actors Studio in NY, with Michael Kahn, and a master’s degree in fine arts from NYU. She has performed in well-known productions around the country. To mention a few…Sound of Music, Evita, Pirates of Penzance, Oliver, Hello Dolly, Annie, Oklahoma, Nine, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Bye Bye Birdie, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown…the list goes on and on. After sadly losing her voice due to surgery complications, she taught for a while at the university level.

So when you wonder how our “fairy godmother” Laura comes up with all of her “crazy ideas” for what the next furbaby ball or cotillion will be, it all comes from years of creativity, performance, and most of all love for the furbabies who benefit her many efforts for the rescue community. Her events are truly a production and entertainment for all who attend. Thank you Laura for using your many skills and your heart of gold to help so many furbabies and to provide a source of entertainment that soon the world will know even more about.

G Girl Productions in the news:

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Florida Yorkie Rescue

Florida Yorkie Rescue is a designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Yorkies, Morkies & Maltese under 12 lbs. If you need to surrender your yorkie for whatever reason, a permanent and loving home will be found. We guarantee it!
FYR is not a shelter. It is a group of volunteers who work with rescued dogs in our own homes. All costs associated with the care of our dogs come from adoption donations and from the generosity of donors.  We provide medical care, spaying/neutering, socialization and training of these dogs until a permanent home can be found.

Through the commitment of our volunteers, FYR also strives to educate and counsel all pet owners about spaying/neutering, obedience training and other aspects of responsible pet ownership. Our organization encourages people to adopt Yorkies, Morkies, Maltese and other pets from shelters, humane societies, and rescue organizations. Florida Yorkie Rescue also provides assistance to adoptive homes to ensure the welfare of all dogs adopted through our organization.

Our number one commitment is to the little Yorkies that come our way. We treat them as if they were our own babies! We carefully screen all applicants to assure your family pet is placed in the most stable and loving home where they will be doted on for the remainder of their life!

Our Mission Statement
The mission of Florida Yorkie Rescue is to rescue Yorkies, Yorkie mixes and other small breeds regardless of age or additional handicaps that may be associated with aging or birth defects.  We never discriminate on the basis of health, age or breed.

We pledge to promote responsible pet ownership through humane education and to provide shelter and care to our foster dogs until a loving, responsible home can be found. To evaluate each dog and potential home with the goal of matching our dogs to the best possible home. We also provide life-long, quality sanctuary for yorkies that may be too old or ill for adoption.

This organization is made up entirely of people who volunteer their time and money to foster and place these little dogs in caring, loving homes. Almost all the dogs that come into Florida Yorkie Rescue need rehabilitation and training and we seek out medical care or alternative methods if traditional treatments do not work. All dogs that come into Florida Yorkie Rescue  will be neutered or spayed and vaccinated.

Mailing address:
Florida Yorkie Rescue, Inc.
2740 SW Martin Downs Blvd, #205
Palm City, Florida 34990

Email: floridayorkierescue@yahoo.com

ADOPTION APPLICATION  http://www.floridayorkierescue.com/APPLICATION.html
SURRENDER FORM: http://www.floridayorkierescue.com/Surrender.html

“Helping those who cannot help themselves.

Hotel Room Block

Sheraton Suites – Fort Lauderdale at Cypress Creek

Group rate of $179.00 available until February 2nd, 2019.  Subject to availability.

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G Girl Fashionistas Rock the Runway for Canine Rescue featuring BarkNBoujee Canine Couture. December 1st 2018 at the W Hotel Buckhead, Atlanta GA.

G Girl Cotillion August 2018 at the New Yorker Hotel, New York.

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