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 The Enchanted Forest

“An Evening in the Enchanted Forest” gala is sponsored by Side by Side Pets and benefits Canine Rescue and The Royal BB Girls Helping Hands Rescue. Both rescues save furbabies such as puppy mill survivor Wendi Weeums shown above. The two day event features a professionally judged couture pet fashion show on Saturday evening, November 23rd and a Fairytale Storybook Brunch and Contest on Sunday, November 24th. Judges will follow the standard G Girl Productions judging criteria for awarding points. Judging criteria will be published.

Trophies will be presented for the following categories at the Saturday event:

  • Her Royal Highness of the Enchanted Forest
  • His Royal Highness of the Enchanted Forest
  • King and Queen of the Fairies
  • Prince and Princess of the Fairies
  • and Miss Troll
  • and Miss Mythical Creature
  • Best Furboy and Furgirl Costume and Designer
  • 1st and 2nd Runnerup Furboy and Furgirl Costume and Designer
  • Most Photogenic Furboy and Furgirl Photo Contest ($25 donation ticket may be purchased here to enter the contest. Furbabies must be dressed.)

Furmoms and Dads may dress in theme however their costumes will not be judged. Black dress is not required.

Competition will be limited to 65 furbabies, first come first serve with VIP ticket purchases.

Pre-judging for the Saturday event will be from 3:00 – 6:00 PM with time slots being awarded based on order of ticket sales.

Doors open at 6:00 PM for VIP ticket holders, dinner is served at 6:15 PM.

General Admission doors open at 7:30 PM.

To purchase tickets use the ticket link for this event and select the tickets that apply to your meal choices and number of furbabies attending. VIP tickets include both Saturday and Sunday events.

Well behaved furbabies welcome. Panties and belly bands required. Strollers preferred.

The Fairytale Storybook Sunday Brunch and Contest will be held at 12:30 PM. A cookie bar will be set up by Side by Side Pets for the furbabies.

Categories for the brunch competition will be:

  • Best Storybook Group
  • Best Storybook Furgirl
  • Best Storybook Furboy
  • Best Storybook Furmom and Furdad
  • Best of Show Fairytale Storybook Theme
Competition International/Cotillion Judging Criteria

International Night

Costume Category-Pick any country – any era (Fur moms/dads costume must be in black or black cocktail)

Cotillion Night

Fur babies evening gowns girls/tuxedos boys

Fur mom and dads formal back attire

Costumes/Gowns/Tuxes will be judged by the following criteria:
• General first impression
• Originality and uniqueness of design
• Theme appropriateness
• Fit and comfort
• Construction of the garment to include stitching, neatness, proper sewing techniques
• Finished edges, clipped threads, no exposed wiring or boning
• Use of lining where appropriate
• Sewn rather than glued embellishments (exception crystals)
• Use of ornament and embellishments to include beading, laces, appliques, crystals, embroidery, piping
• Coordination of fabric types, fabric colors, fabric patterns, trims and ornament
• Use of advanced sewing techniques
• Only custom designed outfits will qualify.

The following behavioral traits will be judged with some traits weighing more heavily in the various categories:

  • Overall first impression to include expression, poise, and grace
    • Overall personality
    • Star quality
    • Alertness
    • Friendliness
    • Comfort level when placed on the judging table
    • Reaction when being touched by judges
    • Ability to obey commands such as sit/stay/stand
    • Comfort level on the runway

General Comments

  • Escorts of models are asked to wear black attire in order to better see fur baby outfits.
    • Each category to be judged will consider the above criteria with weighting of points to vary depending on the category.
    • Points will be tallied and comments made on the judging sheet for each entry.
    • In the event of a tie in points, judges will make a decision on winners.
    • Behavior, personality, star quality, and costume excellence will be considered in each category (except best designer awards) to determine winners.
    • Best designer awards will be awarded on the costume judging criteria only.
    • The following items will not be considered in judging:
    • Whether the fur baby walks or is carried
    • Strollers, props of any kind
    • Past history of fur baby such as previous awards or rescue stories
    • Parent costumes
    • Any kind of tricks by the dog
    • All fur babies not in a stroller must be on a leash at all times.
    • Any fur baby not in a stroller must be wearing panties or a bellyband.


Mr/Miss International

1st Runner up Fur Boy/Fur Girl

2ndRunner up Fur Boy/Fur Girl

Best Fur Boy Costume

Best Fur Girl Costume

Best Design Fur Boy

Best Design Fur Girl


Mr/Miss Cotillion

Mr Gentle Fur Boy

Miss Congeniality

Mr/Miss Ambassador

1st runner up Mr Ambassador

1st runner up Miss Ambassador

Best Fur Girl evening gown

Best Fur Boy tuxedo

Best Fur Girl designer

Best Fur Boy designer

1st runner up best designer Fur Boy

1st runner up best designer Fur Girl

2nd runner up best designer Fur Boy

2nd runner up best designer Fur Girl

As G Girl Productions has started expanding into venues around the country more and more people are asking “what is G Girl?” “How did this get started?” “Why is G Girl doing these events?” These questions along with “wow that’s really wild” and “who would have ever dreamed?” For anyone who really knows Laura Souza all of those questions and more are quickly answered and it all starts to make sense. Laura isn’t just a crazy doggy mama with a good heart. She has a background that would astound many. Most of her life she has been involved in “show business” and the performing arts having studied under the best in the business and performed around the country in musical theater and opera productions that would impress any aficionado of music and theater. Her educational background includes study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, at Herbert Berghof Studio in NY with Uta Hagen, Circle in the Square in NY, with Lee Strasberg at Lee Strasberg Actors Studio in NY, with Michael Kahn, and a master’s degree in fine arts from NYU. She has performed in well-known productions around the country. To mention a few…Sound of Music, Evita, Pirates of Penzance, Oliver, Hello Dolly, Annie, Oklahoma, Nine, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Bye Bye Birdie, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown…the list goes on and on. After sadly losing her voice due to surgery complications, she taught for a while at the university level.

So when you wonder how our “fairy godmother” Laura comes up with all of her “crazy ideas” for what the next furbaby ball or cotillion will be, it all comes from years of creativity, performance, and most of all love for the furbabies who benefit her many efforts for the rescue community. Her events are truly a production and entertainment for all who attend. Thank you Laura for using your many skills and your heart of gold to help so many furbabies and to provide a source of entertainment that soon the world will know even more about.

G Girl Productions in the news:

The New York Times

Fox News




ABC 7 News


Royal BB Girls Helping Hands & Canine Rescue of North Augusta, SC

Royal BB Girls Helping Hands

The mission and vision for Royal BB Girls Helping Hand is to save small dogs and breeds by placing them into loving, forever homes. We are an all-volunteer, foster home based, our organization is based in Chesapeake, VA. We do not have a physical shelter.  Instead, we operate primarily through our foster homes, online databases and through word of mouth.

The majority (not all) of our animals come from animal that are surrendered, and abandoned in the Tidewater area.

We are committed to providing the dogs that come into Royal BB Girls Helping Hand with the best possible care while they wait for their forever homes by acclimating them to life without fear and providing the appropriate veterinary care needed.
We also serve our community and adopters by educating and encouraging responsible pet ownership with an emphasis on the need for spaying and neutering.

We never euthanized animals due to space or time constraints, but we may elect to euthanize in the event of a severe, un-treatable/debilitating illness or extremely dangerous behavioral concerns.  Because we do not kill to make space, however, we cannot take in every animal that needs help.

Because our foster homes are the backbone of Royal BB Girls Helping Hand and to help our organization run smoothly, it is our goal to provide the best experience possible. We encourage each foster home to be as involved as they are comfortable with and allow them the freedom to foster based on their needs, restrictions, or desires.

It takes a truly passionate, loving heart for a rescued animal. (with great rewards in return), however this does not mean that they can’t make wonderful parents.    We are a 501c3 organization.


Canine Rescue

Canine Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation located in North Augusta, South Carolina.

We have no employees and are staffed by 4 volunteers; 2 fulltime, 2 part-time.  All puppies/dogs are fostered in 1 of 2 private foster homes.

We must limit the number of puppy/dog(s) we can foster due to our limited resources.

Our team consists of more than 50 years (combined) of “hands on” pet care and training; pre-adoption counseling and post adoption support.

We sincerely want to share the opportunity for others to experience the profound lesson in forgiveness, share the gift of unconditional love, and witness first-hand how truly appreciative these dogs are just to be a part of your life.

We are a NO KILL organization.

P.O. Box 7025

North Augusta

South Carolina 29861-7025


Thank You to our Sponsors

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6th Annual Cotillion Chicago, IL, August 9th & 10th, 2019 at the Westin O’Hare.

G Girl Productions Presents Bob and Betsy’s Fashion Story Book Wedding.

2019 Leather and Lace Homecoming Dance. Sheraton Suites Fort Lauderdale at Cypress Creek.

G Girl Fashionistas Rock the Runway for Canine Rescue featuring BarkNBoujee Canine Couture. December 1st 2018 at the W Hotel Buckhead, Atlanta GA.

G Girl Cotillion August 2018 at the New Yorker Hotel, New York.

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